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2 Comments on Banks in Bogota

  1. dear Naomi
    you said you heard of banks which will open accounts for expats with a passport, is it even possible? can you let me know more about these?

    • Hi Johana, I have heard that you can open a bank account with just a passport at Bancolombia. But I would recommend going to a branch in the Zona T, where more expats live. The problem is that many of the advisors in the bank either don’t realise you can open an account with a passport, or they don’t know how to open an account in this way, so they just tell you that it’s not possible. But banks near the Zona T will be used to dealing with foreigners, and are more likely to help you. If they say it’s not possible, ask to speak to the ‘Director’ of the bank. I know that people have opened Bancolombia accounts with just a passport, so it MUST be possible! 🙂 Good luck!

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