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Readers’ Choice: What do YOU want to know about Bogota?

As I psyche myself up for my blog’s makeover – which will be happening soon once I’ve set up a hosting account! – I would really like to hear from readers about what they’d like to read on my blog. So I’ve decided to start a Reader’s Choice category, just for you!

Are you thinking about moving to Bogota, but have a few niggling doubts in the back of your mind? Do you want to know more about the food, fashion, religion, popular culture, places to visit etc? Do you want to know more about other parts of Colombia? Do you want me to include more photos or perhaps videos in my blog? Maybe you want to know how life here compares to other places I’ve visited/lived in?

Please do leave a comment with any topics you’d like me to write about, and I will get on to it asap! 🙂

3 Comments on Readers’ Choice: What do YOU want to know about Bogota?

  1. Riley Swanson // February 8, 2017 at 6:42 pm // Reply

    Are you still posting? I would love to know more about fashion!! I am going to be in Bogota from April 1st to the beginning of July and have no idea what to pack. I want to fit in as much as possible to avoid extra attention as a foreigner, but I also am trying to pack super light because I will need to travel light and can reasonably only have one pack. I am mostly just there to volunteer with an orphanage but I will also be trying to make the most of my time and explore all the city has to offer!

    • Hi Riley, thanks for the comment! I will write a post this week on What to wear in Bogota – just for you! 🙂

    • Hi Riley 🙂 I have just finished this post –

      In terms of fashion, Colombians do like their designer labels, but I wouldn’t think about this when packing! Avoid the shorts-and-t-shirt-shades-and-backpack look and you’ll fit right in! (but do wear shades if it’s sunny, of course, and if you have a backpack, make sure you wear it round your front – kangaroo-style – on public transport!)

      I live in my jeans/trousers, boots, t-shirt and a sweater, plus a warm jacket and resistant shoes for the wet season. In my experience the wettest months are usually March, April, October and November.
      Enjoy your stay here!

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