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My second Christmas in Bogota

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m getting ready to celebrate my second Christmas in Bogota! How quickly that came around! I’ve been a little on the quiet side these last couple of weeks as I was working during the intensive courses at the British Council, and only resurfaced on Saturday (with a cold and apparent amoebic infection in tow!). Luckily I seem to be fighting off both of those now and am currently in 100% relaxation mode, and looking forward to stuffing my face with whatever delicias come my way! (I’m already on my way to turning into a Ferrero Rocher!).

So how to Bogotanos generally celebrate Christmas? Many families will go out for a Christmas lunch together on the 24th or 25th, as we’re planning to do later today, and most families have a big get-together on Christmas Eve and celebrate at midnight, when the grand present-opening tradition commences! We did this last year, but have opted to stay in for a quiet one together this year, snuggled in bed eating chocolate and watching old movies (Home Alone and Home Alone 2 top of the list!!).

Having a Christmas turkey isn’t particularly a tradition here, with many people opting for beef or a suckling pig. Today we’ll be going to an Italian restaurant with some of my boyfriend’s family for our Christmas lunch. Luckily we’ve already had our tradition Christmas dinner this year, at El Inglés Gastro-pub in Chapinero, courtesy of my wonderful employer, the British Council 🙂 I hadn’t been overwhelmed by the Sunday lunch I’d had there before, though the English breakfast was pretty good, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, it seems that they pulled out all the stops for this special occasion, as it was DELICIOUS and I ate so much I could barely walk home afterwards!

Christmas dinner

We were treated to mulled wine and whisky too, which left us feeling rather merry!

Christmas dinner

This evening I’ll be preparing a delicious roast dinner with beef, roast potatoes and vegetables and Oxo gravy (I’m down to my last cubes!!).

This festive period we have also enjoyed the beautiful displays of Christmas lights across the city; here are some of my favourites!

Zona T

zona T tree

zona T tunnel


zona T



Andino Shopping Mall

Santa was exhausted (and poor!) after a hard day of shopping at Bogota's most exclusive shopping mall!

Santa was exhausted (and poor!) after a hard day of shopping at Bogota’s most exclusive shopping mall!

I think Rudolph just wanted to go home!

I think Rudolph just wanted to go home!

Parque Virrey

parque virrey2

parque virrey

Parque de la 93


baubles 2


Photo by Chantelle du Plessis -

Photo by Chantelle du Plessis –

Photo by Chantelle du Plessis -

Photo by Chantelle du Plessis –

Monserrate 4

Photo by Chantelle du Plessis –

Monserrate 3

Photo by Chantelle du Plessis –

I hope you enjoyed these photos and that you get a chance some day to see Bogota in all of it’s Christmas glory!

It just remains for me to say – a Merry Christmas to you! May it be filled of all the food, joy, relaxation and fun you could wish for! (wherever you are in the world!) 🙂

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  1. Merry Christmas!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with laughter, good company, and great food!

    – Pooka

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