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My favourite Bogotá bakery

When I first arrived in Bogotá, I have to say that I wasn’t particularly impressed by the bread and pastries I found on offer in the local bakery (at the time) and supermarkets. Not only that, I found it very difficult to find a PLAIN croissant.. i.e. one that wasn’t filled with ham or cheese or guava jelly or something else.

Earlier this year, I came across what is currently my favourite Bogotá bakery (albeit just for a treat, as it’s rather pricey!); the Eric Kayser bakery on Calle 81 # 9 – 85. It’s a typical French-style patisserie, serving delicious and generously-filled baguettes and mouth-watering desserts, from madeleine cakes to almond croissants (my favourite!) to chocolate éclairs. The service is very good by Bogotá standards and the décor inside is really chic.. très parisien! You’ll find it in the El Nogal neighbourhood, not too far from Andino shopping mall. Here are a few pics to whet your appetite!

Eric Kayser Bogotá bakery

Doesn’t it just make your mouth water?!


Eric Kayser Bogotá bakery tea

Lovely cuppa Parisian (ahem Earl Grey..) tea!


Eric Kayser Bogotá bakery croissant

My favourite – the almond croissant!


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  1. Thank for sharing.
    Looks really yummy

  2. How does it taste?

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