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The wet season in Bogota

The wet season in Bogota occurs at several times during the year – right now we’re in the October to December wet season, and it’s pretty difficult to stay dry when it’s raining at full force! Last weekend we went along to San Andresito to do some shopping in the markets there, and look for some good deals. As we were walking to the TransMilenio station Flores, it was starting to rain, so we hurried for cover in the station. Luckily we did; by the time we arrived at Sans Façon station (where all the bike shops are) the streets had turned to rivers..! Essential wet season items in Bogota? Wellies (waterproof boots!); a large umbrella (a small one won’t do, TRUST me!); a warm coat and undyed trousers (because if they get damp, the colour WILL rub off onto anything they touch!).

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  1. Really? In my experience november-december is one of the driest. April and May are much worst in my opinion.

    • Thanks for the comment. I think we’ve had different experiences of Bogota then! It does vary a bit year on year and the strong El Niño/La Niña recently did lead to some unusual weather patterns. I can say that October and November have been really wet months in Bogota the last few years! And the wet season seemed to start already in March this year!

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