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Naomi DaltonI’m Naomi, I’m a freelance content marketing writer, copywriter, and SEO specialist, originally from south-east London, UK. I moved to Bogotá in October 2013 for reasons of the heart.

During my first month or so here, I felt disorientated and overwhelmed. I really could have done with a ‘Bogotá handbook’ to help me find my way in this chaotic metropolis! So once I had more or less settled in, I decided to start this blog about life in Bogotá. I’m offering up a few tips which I definitely would have found useful in the beginning!

I also write about my perceptions, experiences, and opinions of the city. Everyone takes to Bogotá differently and will have different stories to tell. This blog is an honest account of how I have experienced Bogotá up to now, and adapted to life here.

I love food, art and nature, so you may find quite a few posts on these topics!

I’ve had a few guest posts published on other travel blogs, including Pink Pangea and Dave’s Travel Corner and an earlier version of ‘Living in Bogota: my 5 Colombian Identities‘ was published in The Bogota Post in October 2014. I’ve written a few articles about Colombia for the Matador Network, Thrillist, and Localeur. I also contributed a chapter to the Gabriel García Márquez anthology Was Gabo an Irishman? Tales from Gabriel García Marquez’s Colombia.

I like hearing from my readers so do get in touch via the contact page. Let me know how you have found Bogotá and what the biggest challenges were for you. If you have any advice you think would be useful for others to read, pass this on to me and I’ll try to publish it in a relevant post.

Guest Bloggers

As my blog has very much been based on my experiences here, I usually don’t accept guest blog posts, unless these are on a topic about which I would know very little, such as ‘How to start a business in Bogotá’ (which lots of people do come here to do). So if you have an idea for a post based on your experience or specialist knowledge, let me know and we can discuss a guest post.

Use of Referral/Affiliate Links

The three affiliate programs I’m registered with are Airbnb, and MH Themes. With Airbnb, if you click on my link to their website, and then sign up and book a trip, I get £15 credit to my Airbnb account, and you get £35 off your first trip! With, if you click on my link and then make a hotel booking, I’ll get a small commission, and the same applies if you click through to MH Themes website and buy one of their themes. The idea is to make enough through commissions each year to pay the $150 dollars web-hosting and domain renewal fees that I need to pay to keep How to Bogotá going.