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Street Art in Bogotá and the Bogotá Graffiti Tour

Those of us who have lived in Bogotá for some time will agree that it is a bit of a grey city. Often cloudy, chilly in the evenings, extremely wet during the rainy season, it’s not the best weather you’ll find in Colombia! That said, Bogotá’s talented artists have done a wonderful job brightening up the city with stunning and thought-provoking street art. If you’re a fan of Shoreditch, East London, as I am, or just a fan of art in general, you’ll definitely want to explore more of the street art in Bogotá.

Bogotá Graffiti Tour

But what if you’re new to the city and aren’t sure where to find these masterpieces? Never fear: Bogotá Graffiti Tours is here! I remember one of my readers saying how much he’d enjoyed a tour he did with them a little while back. For a suggested contribution of 20,000-30,000 pesos ($8-12 USD or £5-8 GBP at time of writing), you’ll be taken on a walking tour (in English) which explains the history of the street art in Bogotá and unveils some of the city’s best street art. Tours take place daily from 10am – 12.30pm (whatever the weather!), starting from Parque de los Periodistas in the centre, close to Las Aguas Transmilenio station. Private tours in Spanish or German can be booked separately. For more email, send an email to

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourites 🙂

street art in Bogotá

Street art with a political message, featuring Presidents Santos and Obama..and possibly the late Chávez? Las Nieves Transmilenio station

street art in Bogotá

At Las Nieves Transmilenio station

Street art in Bogotá

La Candelaria

street art in Bogotá

Make Love, Not War.. La Candelaria – by DjLu

street art in Bogotá

A beautiful portrayal of Colombia’s native birds by Rodez

street art in Bogotá

Chorro de Quevado, Candelaria, Rodez and others

street art in Bogotá

La Candelaria, by Guache

street art in Bogotá

Colombia is home to many indigenous tribes. La Candelaria.

Bogota street art

A gift shop full of souvenirs for you to take home. La Candelaria.

Bogota street scene

A typical street in Bogotá’s historical centre, La Candelaria.

Bogota street art

La Candelaria, Rodez

street art in Bogotá

Impact Hub, Chapinero Alto, by Guache

Impact Hub, Chapinero Alto, Toxicomano?

street art in Bogotá

What a beautiful advertisement for a concert 🙂 Carrera 7 with calle 67, Chapinero.

street art in Bogotá

Sunday’s ciclovía, and a beautiful shield from the scaffolding!

2 Comments on Street Art in Bogotá and the Bogotá Graffiti Tour

  1. Thanks Naomi for sharing your thoughts! I recently took the guided tour of street art in Bogotá and published an article about it:

    Mentioned you and your blog, hope that’s OK! Greetings from Sweden

    • Hi Sanna, thanks for your comment and for mentioning my blog in your blog post! I hope you enjoyed the graffiti tour – I love the fact that it’s constantly changing as more new pieces of art are added to the streets of Bogotá!
      I love the design of your blog, by the way – I don’t understand much, but it looks good! 😉
      All the best!

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