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Bogota Botanical Garden (for peace & fresh air!)

The José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden / Jardín Botánico (to give its full name) is one of my favourite places in Bogota. When you’ve had a busy week navigating the hustle’n’bustle of the city, it can leave you gasping for some fresh air and tranquility. There are a few places to find peace and quiet in Bogota, and the Bogota Botanical Garden is one of these (and shouldn’t be missed in my opinion!).

Where is the Bogota Botanical Garden?

It’s located in Salitre in Avenida Calle (street) 63, with carrera 70, quite close to Simón Bolivar (Central) Park.

Here’s a screenshot of Google maps to give you an idea:

Bogotá Botanical garden on Google map

How do I get there?

You can take a taxi (always use a taxi app to get one, or call), go with Uber if you have an account, or you can go by SITP bus.

How can you find out which bus to take? Download the ‘TransMilenio y SITP’ app (search in your app store for that!).

In the search box, type in ‘jardín botánico’ and it will give you a list of buses which go there (but you’ll need to select each one and see where the buses stop, so you can see which one stops near wherever you’re staying/living!) I can tell you that the 56B, 59B and z7 go to the botanical garden from Chapinero!

What can I see in the Bogota Botanical Garden?

Loads! Below are some photos that I took during one of my visits there, and I’ve also taken a map from the Jardín Botánico’s website and included that. You will find that there aren’t yet many attractions in Bogota which have resources in English, and the Botanical Garden is a case in point, so I’ve translated the map into English! Feel free to save it and print it off to use while you’re there!

Bogota Botanical garden map

Due to its wide-ranging topography, and its proximity to the equator, Colombia is host to many different climates, and these are reflected in the different sections of the gardens, demonstrating the vast variety and diversity of flora that can be found in this beautiful country. There are tours of the gardens in Spanish, and they say that you can book a tour in English if you give enough notice. However, I tried to do this when my sister visited me, and in spite of asking three weeks before, I wasn’t able to book a tour in English as the English-speaking guide wasn’t available. It might still be worth asking while you’re there though, just in case. I did a tour in Spanish and it was really interesting. The guide gives detailed explanations about the names, history, locations and uses of different plants (for example in medicines, cosmetic products etc). I really enjoyed it! And you can always let me know if you need a translator to accompany you, I offer extremely reasonable rates 😉

I’ll let you have a quick look at the photos now. The gardens really are worth a visit if the weather’s nice and if you’re in need of a bit of respite from the urban jungle of Bogota! Just don’t forget your sunscreen if you have pale skin!

Bogota Botanical garden

Rose garden and palm trees at the Bogota Botanical Garden.

bogota botanical garden main lake and bridge.

Main lake and outdoor learning area on the right.

Bogota botanical garden tropical greenhouse

Inside the tropical greenhouse

Water lily in the greenhouse, Bogota botanical garden

Water lily in the greenhouse


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  1. A million thanks for the translation! My Spanish is weak and this saved me a lot of headache. We are traveling with the kids and knowing what you are doing is critical. LOL!

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