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18 coworking spaces in Bogota, Colombia

When looking for ideas for new blog-posts, I often pay attention to the kinds of questions that people are asking in the Bogota Facebook groups. I’ve noticed that people often ask about coworking spaces in Bogota. So, I decided to go through the recommendations and do a bit of my own research, and I’ve put together a list of all the ones I could find below. I can’t vouch for them as I haven’t tried them myself, but offers some free day-passes for a few of them. Why not take advantage and find out which place suits you best? Click on each name to visit their website and find out more about what each place offers.


HubBog coworking spaces bogota

Calle 98 #18-71, 2nd floor, Chicó Norte, Bogota

Daily and monthly rates


Sectortic coworking spaces bogota

Cra 18 A # 103 – 11, Chicó Norte, Bogota

Daily and monthly rates

Workspot 108

Workspot108 coworking spaces Bogota

Calle 108 # 15A – 70, Chicó Norte, Bogota

Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates


WorkandGo coworking spaces Bogota

Calle 95 # 11a-94, Chicó, Bogota

Avenida 82 # 11-40, 3rd floor, Zona T, Bogota

Daily and monthly rates

Panda Lab

Panda Lab coworking spaces bogota

Carrera 8b #106-45, Chicó Norte, Bogota

Minimum 40 hours


Cowo coworking spaces Bogota

Calle 98 #8-37, Chicó, Bogota

Offers several different monthly plans

Atom House

Atom House coworking spaces bogota

Carrera 7 # 69-17, Chapinero Norte

Daily, weekly and monthly rates

Tierra Firme

Tierra Firme coworking spaces bogota

Calle 65 # 16 – 09, Chapinero Oeste, Bogota

Monthly plans


Simplonomy coworking spaces bogota

Calle 60a #3a-52, Chapinero Alto, Bogota

Bloom Hub

Bloom Hub coworking spaces Bogota

Calle 69A # 9 – 47, Quinta Camacho, Bogota

Monthly plans

Impact Hub

Impact Hub coworking spaces Bogota

Calle 69 # 6 – 20, Rosales, Bogota

Min. 80 hours/month

Urban Station

Urban Station coworking spaces bogota

Calle 70 No. 4 – 08 – lobby Hotel Mika Suites, Rosales, Bogota

Calle 81 # 9 – 12, 3rd and 4th floor


Colabora coworking spaces bogota

Calle 120a # 6a-16, Usaqúen, Bogota

Daily, weekly and monthly rates

El Cluster

El Cluster coworking spaces bogota

Calle 124 # 7b-11, Usaquén, Bogota

Daily and monthly plans

Carpe Diem House

Carpe Diem House coworking spaces bogota

Carrera 62 # 67-43, José Joaquín Vargas (near Salitre), Bogota

Daily, Monthly and 3-monthly rates

Latin Branch

Latin Branch coworking spaces bogota

Carrera 7 # 12C – 28, Downtown Bogota

Daily, weekly and monthly rates

House Lab

House Lab coworking spaces bogota

Calle 31 # 17 – 48, Teusaquillo, Bogota

Daily and monthly rates


Transversal 6° #27-10, Edificio Antares, Office 201, Centro Internacional, Bogota

Avenida Carrera 19 # 36-55, Parkway, La Soledad, Bogota

Calle 85 # 12 – 50, 2nd floor, Chicó, Bogota

Hourly, daily and monthly plans

How to choose

Apart from visiting each one to get a feel for the place, here are some other things to consider. As traffic is such a problem in Bogota, I would recommend choosing a place that is close to where you live, or that is easy to reach by TransMilenio. Some coworking spaces offer meeting room hire, so think about whether this would be useful. You can also ask questions about internet speed and reliability. Personally, I have found internet availability and speeds tend to be worse in downtown Bogota/the Candelaria. Some places offer the option of renting by the day, week or month, and some only offer monthly plans. If you know you’ll need the space long-term, see if you can negotiate a lower price.

I’ve mentioned the neighborhoods where each of these coworking spaces are located. Just a couple of observations: a lot of students, expats and start-ups base themselves in the Chapinero Norte/Chapinero Alto area, as well as the swankier and more expensive areas of Chicó and Rosales.

If you visit any of the places on this list, please let readers what you think in the comments section below!

Also… cafés in the Chapinero area that are good for working in

Cada loco con su tema – Calle 67 #4A-41, Bogota

Amor Perfecto – Cra 4 # 66-46

Coffee House Cultor –  Cl. 70a #9- 44

Juan Valdez – Cl. 70 #6-09

Bourbon Coffee Roasters – Calle 70a No. 13-83

Have you worked in any of these coworking spaces in Bogota? Would you recommend them? Do you work somewhere else that isn’t mentioned? Do you have a favorite café in Bogota with reliable wi-fi that you like working in? Please leave your comments below! 🙂

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9 Comments on 18 coworking spaces in Bogota, Colombia

  1. Check out Cafe Del Eje Calle 109 #15-28 for working! Free reliable fast WiFi, excellent coffee, and attentive non-pushy staff. Tranquil environment. Electric plugs at EVERY seat. Large work table seats 10. Smaller tables for 2-4 people. Perfect for small group meetings too.

  2. Definitivamente es de los mejores a los que he asistido. Hay otros que son muy buenos también pero si eres amante del coworking y quieres pasar un dia diferente te lo recomiendooo

  3. I would add come cafés in Chapinero which are perfect to work:

    Arbol de pan Cl. 66 Bis #4-63
    Varietale Cl. 41 #8-43
    Brot Cra. 9 #70-2 a 70-98

    Make out Cra 9 # 81-18
    Azahar Calle 93B #13-91

  4. I have been working from a couple of places that are not in the list. one is Emprendu: Carrera 13 # 83 – 19. and the other one is Selina, CALLE 95 # 13-35 TORRE A, close to parque cll. 93
    While emprendu is probably an interesting option when you want to share a drink and spend a while, when looking for an office or a meeting room in the short term ( single day, for instance ) Selina is a nice option.
    Also I think Plug-in Cll. 85 x cra. 12 is not available anymore.

  5. I always use when I am in Colombia. Good service and facilities.

  6. I’ve worked at a handful of these, so far my favorite was wework. They have brand new modern buildings with great setups. You just have to be extremely careful with the payment. The service is very bad and you can’t call their corporate number if there is problems. They make you go through the local office which is very difficult.

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