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Updates to How to Bogotá (and a chance to buy me a digital cup of coffee :))

After living mostly in Bogota between 2013 and 2018, I left the city last year in March for London and then Spain and only returned last month (in June 2019). So other than the odd update here and there, the blog has been a little neglected these past 18 months, so I’ve made it my mission to start going through and gradually updating the blog’s content now that I’m back.

When I have updated a post, I will add ‘Update [month] [year]‘ to the front of the post. If anything you’ve read definitely sounds out of date, please do leave a comment in the comments section of that post if you have time, as this will be a BIG help to me! (If you get an error message when you try to leave the comment, just ignore it – the plugin is playing up lately, but the comments DO get through and appear once I’ve approved them!)

A digital cup of coffee!

In other news, you can now buy me a digital cup of coffee! If you love How to Bogotá (or wouldn’t go that far but have just found it helpful in the past) you can now make a $3 donation in the form of a digital cup of coffee, thanks to! 🙂

I would so appreciate this, as this blog has always been a labor of love for me. I don’t make any money from it other than from the odd Airbnb referral link – Airbnb reward credit has been SO useful when my bf Javi and I have been traveling! I don’t want to start publishing annoying ads in the sidebars or within the blog posts to try to monetize the blog, or promote affiliate programs that I don’t particularly care about.

So this is the best way I have found to offer readers the opportunity to support the blog 🙂 Thank you so much for your support in kind so far, for your messages, comments and loyal readership! I’m looking forward to continuing blogging about this city that has welcomed me and allowed me to make a home here with the one I love <3

buy Naomi a cup of coffee
Hmmm Colombian coffee from Amor Perfecto! Thank you in advance!

5 Comments on Updates to How to Bogotá (and a chance to buy me a digital cup of coffee :))

  1. The last time I was in Bogota, around 2008, I recall being around the Unicentro area and feeling physically sick because of the vehicle fumes. Especially from the buses, which seem to eject fumes at vehicle roof height. I wonder what the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, would make of Bogota?

  2. Hi Naomi! I’m happy to buy you a coffee! I have a quick question. Do you know of local “Buy nothing” groups on Facebook for expats? I imagine as expats move in and move out they have items (kitchen, home, clothes, etc..) that people are either looking for or happy to pass on to others. Is that a thing here in the expat community in Bogota? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jennifer, I haven’t come across a ‘Buy Nothing’ group but expats and Colombians alike do sell second-hand items on the Bogota Short Term Rentals and Bogota Expats Yard Sale groups. There’s also a Marketplace forum on, but people don’t post on there as often. Hope that helps!

  3. Will you write more ‘Bogotá’s Neighborhoods’ articles? The two first were very good!

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