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12 things Londoners will notice about Bogota

January 22, 2015 // 0 Comments

Queuing for a bus is rare. On the TransMilenio in Bogota, it’s every man for himself; unlike London buses, on most TransMilenio buses there aren’t specific doors for people getting on or getting off (although these are being introduced on certain routes, thank God!), so as the doors open at the station it’s like two opposing armies clashing as each side [more]

Beauty in Bogotá: she who seeks, will find…

January 18, 2015 // 0 Comments

My favourite day of the week to enjoy the beauty in Bogotá is Sunday, for several reasons: The city is much quieter, due to less traffic on the roads because… …Sunday means ciclovía! which means that the main roads are closed to traffic, and cyclists, skaters, skate-boarders, joggers and walkers can take to the streets and enjoy the space and relative peace! No [more]

Bogota Safety Tip: don’t give anyone a papaya!?

January 13, 2015 // 1 Comment

Colombia has received a lot of bad press over the last few decades, so it’s natural that people are often concerned about whether Bogota is safe. Last week I received a message from one of my Colombian readers saying that the best Bogota safety tip is not to ‘dar papaya’ :). Now, ‘give papaya’ doesn’t mean anything to us English-speakers, but it’s a [more]

Colombia now pronounces you “husband and wife”

August 14, 2014 // 2 Comments

Moving to Colombia with a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend is like one giant leap closer to walking up the aisle. In fact, as far as Colombians are concerned, by taking the lift together up to your apartment that you plan to share, taking your first steps across the threshold, you’ve symbolically already been up the aisle and back down again. You see, most couples [more]

Life in Bogota: 18 things I like and dislike about Bogota

July 14, 2014 // 0 Comments

I felt that it was time for me to write a post speaking frankly about my own experience of and opinions about life in Bogota; you might arrive here and disagree, or just not be bothered about the kinds of things which bother me; equally you might not be impressed by the things that I actually like about the city. It will often depend on where you come from (and [more]

Safety Tip of the Day – How to avoid being robbed in Bogota

February 27, 2014 // 1 Comment

Yesterday I became a victim of crime in Bogota for the first time. It actually could have been a lot worse. When I got on the Transmilenio, I had my purse. When I got home, I realised I didn’t have it anymore. This was preferable over having a knife stuck in my face and threatened for my bag (which also happens – usually on the busetas or on the street), [more]
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