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9 reasons I’m happy to be Back in the Bog!

It’s July and this is my first post of 2016. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may know that I had to return to the UK in March last year as my mum became very ill with cancer. For this reason I had to leave Bogotá and move back home for a while.

I’ve been able to visit Bogotá a number of times in the last year, but I didn’t really feel able to continue with How to Bogotá during this time, as I always wanted the blog to be about my experience of living in Bogotá. I didn’t want it to become ‘just another travel blog’ with information on places to visit and things to do that you could find anywhere else on the internet. I want to keep the blog as authentic as possible.

Now that my mum is doing a lot better, I’m gradually trying to transition back to Colombia. This time I’m spending seven weeks here, and I’ve managed to negotiate keeping my job in London and will work remotely during this time. Being back is a welcome reprieve from the Brexit chaos of back home, and I’m looking forward to continuing to explore and getting to know the city 🙂

Here are the reasons, in photos, why I’m happy to be back:

  1. The amazing views

    Bogota_city_view Bogota_twilight_city

  2. The mountains


    Plaza de los Periodistas, with Monserrate in the background

  3. The incredible light


    A rainbow crosses Monserrate

  4. Staying near the Candelaria


    Candelaria (Bogotá’s historical centre)

  5. The art..

    To learn more about Bogotá’s street art, why not check out the daily Bogotá Graffiti Tour?


    Street Art on Avenida El Dorado (calle 26), Bogotá


    Street art next to Universidades TransMilenio station.

  6. ..and the free exhibitions

    This exhibition at the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Centre in the Candelaria was showing the art work of Colombia artist Óscar Villalobos Forero. ‘Tierra Móvil’ is a reflection of Colombian reality and its transitory nature, from the city to the rainforest.Gabriel_Garcia_Marquez_cultural_centre_Bogota

  7. Ajiaco!

    Bogotá’s favourite dish! Follow the link for tips on how to eat ajiaco! 😉Ajiaco

  8. Hot chocolate… and cheese!

    Yes, hot chocolate and cheese..together! As in, you dip/submerge the cheese in the hot chocolate, and scoop the melted result out with a spoon and eat it! This is another Bogotá tradition (it’ll help you through those chilly nights!), but one that I had resisted until a week ago. How wrong I was. If you like cheese and you like chocolate, this is a must-try! Check out La Puerta Falsa in the Candelaria for a delicious ajiaco and chocolate and cheese.. though possibly not at the same time! (Your stomach may wonder what’s going on!)


  9. Family 🙂

    It’s always wonderful to be surrounded by family, whether it’s at home in London, or at home in Bogotá 🙂


2 Comments on 9 reasons I’m happy to be Back in the Bog!

  1. Vivek Jayaraman // July 13, 2016 at 10:11 pm // Reply

    Hello Naomi, welcome back… Really good to hear from you that you mom is doing better.
    Hoping to see more such articles for the rest of the year to make up for the previous months 🙂

    • Hi Vivek, thanks so much for your message and your kind words 🙂 I’m going to spend a bit of time updating some of the old posts (because things are changing in this city all the time!) and I definitely want to work on some new posts too! All the best!

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