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Hummingbirds in Bogota

There’s something very special about hummingbirds… their bright, metallic hues, the lightning speed of their wings which renders them almost invisible as they poke and jab at each flower with their long, elegant beaks and feed on the nectar, the sense of peace that they exude… It’s the stuff of magical realism, and I can’t see how anyone could be unaffected by an encounter with one of these beautiful creatures. Hummingbirds are one of Bogota’s elusive beauties.

I’ve seen hummingbirds in the Botanical Gardens in Salitre, and at the top of Monserrate (can you spot it? :))

hummingbird monserrate

Photo by Rachel Dalton


It’s an amazing feeling to see one at such close range; it counts as one of the really special things about Bogota that it could be so easy to miss or overlook.

I often complain about the city, citing from the long list of issues that I have with it, but I am mindful of the importance of seeing the positive things too. Colombia really is a country of contrasts. Therefore, I decided that the best gift I could give to my boyfriend for his birthday was a painting of his country’s most beautiful, peaceful and elegant creatures; because as much as I struggle to love this city, I am grateful for the fact that it inspires me; inspires me to notice beauty; inspires me to write; inspires me to paint; inspires me to create 🙂


A hummingbird at sunset. Naomi Dalton, 21st November 2014

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