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Andes Ecotours: Exploring Beyond Bogotá

In my opinion, one of the best things about Bogotá is its beautiful surrounding regions. Life in the city can get pretty stressful so you really should take advantage of all those long weekends and go and explore outside of Bogotá. The main concern people have is being able to travel safely, with a bilingual guide, to places which are worth visiting, at a reasonable price.

I’ve looked at the various guided tour options available, and some of the prices are rather extortionate. However, I know the founders of this particular company and can personally guarantee the quality and good value of Andes Ecotours, which were awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2015, and are led by Andrés and Chantelle (who both speak Spanish and English). Bogotá gets a bit of a bad rap from those who haven’t yet discovered its hidden beauty. To counter negative opinions, these tours will make you realise how lucky you are to be within a couple of hours’ drive (or less!) from breath-taking scenery. What I particularly like about Andes Ecotours is that they bring tourism to rural communities and work with them in a way that contributes to the sustainable development of these communities and their livelihoods.

Here are the day tours offered by Andes Ecotours – click on the links for more information and prices:

Choachí Waterfall Mountain Trek

Choachí waterfall

Ever wondered what lies behind Monserrate and the mountains lining the city? Journey with Andes Ecotours through lush Andean trails and discover a land rich in waterfalls, biodiversity & campesino culture. Breath-taking landscapes and views await!

Horse-riding in the Mountains

horseback riding

There’s no need to be an expert to experience the beauty of Bogotá’s surrounding mountains from horse-back. Ride with local guides through the mountain trails, enjoy spectacular views and get a feel for life outside the city.

Sumapaz Páramo National Park


If you’re looking for something different, then this is your tour! Experience the largest páramo in the world, listen to the call of eagles and uncover the wonders found inside this unique and fragile ecosystem.

Cruz Verde Páramo Reserve & Cloud Forest

tablazo paramo cloud forest

Discover the tranquility of this magical place as you walk through fields of frailejones, lower yourself into hidden caves and listen to the sounds of hummingbirds in the cloud forest. It’s a great place for experiencing the change in ecosystems.

Coffee Tour & Indian Rock Art

Coffee picking 2

Me, ‘helping’ with the coffee harvest!

If you’re looking for an authentic coffee tour experience then sign up for a fun-packed day touring multiple farms, play tejo with the locals, admire Indian rock carvings, hike through the forest and taste some of the best coffee in the world! (and it really is!) Here’s my blog post on the coffee farm tour in more depth.

Chingaza National Park


If you are looking for 100% unspoiled nature, Chingaza is your best choice. This century-old nature reserve will take your breath away. The Siecha lagoons were Indian worshiping grounds, now serving as water reservoirs for surrounding farm lands.

Guatavita Lagoon Heritage Trail – 8 hours


Relive the legend of El Dorado and find out why the Spanish crown was so obsessed with finding it. Travel through various colonial towns and cultural heritage sites following the ancient trail that leads to the sacred Lagoon.

Chicaque Cloud Forest Hike


This beautiful private reserve is a great place for bird-watching and learning more about the cloud forest ecosystem. Join Andes Ecotours for a 4-hour hike, breathe fresh air, marvel at spectacular views and discover the creatures of the forest.

I know you’re spoiled for choice, but having joined Andes Ecotours myself, and hearing rave recommendations from friends too, I guarantee that this is the best option, both in terms of value for money and quality. Choose the tour you like the look of best, click through to their website via one of the links and book now (and please mention if you first heard about these tours via How to Bogota :))

Special tours to different places in Colombia can be customized for you according to your preferences.

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